After payment our team ask for few details necessary for account activation(super administrator account details). Once received we take maximum 4 hours to live your account.
You can pay online from
1. Purchase New Plan : Online Payment Gateway
2. Custom Payment : Online Payment Gateway
3. For NEFT/RTGS/UPI/Cash Deposit : details are mentioned in proposal
Yes! Light Technologies in mainly designed for mobile first experience however it works perfectly in web browser. You can use multiple PCs or Mobile without any problem. The data is common and sharable in all cases.
Our Support Options :
1. Call us +8801703180918
2. WhatsApp +8801703180918
3. Email : contact@lighttechnologiesbd.com
4. Contact Form
5. Onsite visiting support - additional charges applicable (location specific)
6. Support Hours : 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, IST
I'm sure once you use our product you will love it and enjoy our services.
Refund is applicable within 30 days from subscription date. Due to anonymous reason if you don't want to continue with our services, we can process the refund without any objection. Whichever case is applicable from below two :

Case 1. We deduct the charges for used-period(on per day basis). Also if the GST is paid, that too will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded.

Case 2. In case of Branding or Customization, if its implemented for client its charges will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded.

This process takes 7 working days.
This clause is combined with Terms and Conditions
We love transparent business and happy relationship like a family. And we know money creates dispute.
That's why please read all points carefully where additional charges applicable:

1. Any device like biomatric attendance device (ESSL in our case), NFC device, NFC Card, Tablet, Mobile etc

2. Any change in project is subject to charge additional. Please check our free trial carefully before purchase. The product you see in trial will be as-it-is and as-available basis.

3. We welcome your opinion, if its worthful for product we implement it in near version freely.However if customer want on urgent basis we charge additionally.

4. SMS charges are additional and cost vary in countries

5. Network Authentication Security yearly cost is additional - check add-on section in proposal.

6. Web Branding/White-labeling charges are additional.

7. In case of web-branding Domain and SSL charges will be additional

8. Additional charges applicable for visiting/onsite support and vary from location to location.

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